Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 5

"We Fools of Nature"

"what is this word? big-tree?"
yes something like that
and i should have just said

"the look on her face"
in shadows of fluorescent light
"in that moment when she truly

with this ring
yes i fucking wed

so that this kid's kid
can never see
what i see

in each twitch of a cheek
behind my back

sometimes it doesn't matter how much i love you or us or this or the sight of your nipple hiding behind skin so smooth i can never imagine kissing any one other that is not it this one and this one not one can even catch a single moment of time of another

meaning simply

your t.i.t. is i.t.

i dream of cigarettes
and corona
and miller lite

and i always catch myself
still into
a needle to pinch my skin so deep

red bleeds into blue

my heart skips
when i have too much coffee
and afterwards
i'll open my eyes
and never want
to let go
of the air you breathe

-A.P. Greco

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