Monday, April 11, 2011

Day 11 - Yes, that is Today! :)

"Into the Madness"

i cant put a period at the end b/c then things would end and wheres the insanity in the ends of things like gravel and graffiti and paint chips or something colorful that might make sense of types of any man or WOman whoa man fuck that WOman shit yea dyke you thats right i call myself a dyke b/c i am one a dyke married to a dyke no i do not want and do not have a pillow princess as my wife b/c thered be an end to that if i did and i aint into that shit never no more not since that moment when my insanity became and the world

was all the stage needed to begin again

-A.P. Greco

Day 10

"He Seemed to Find His Way w/o His Eyes"
For Mason

can green
can blue


can pink
can purple


can red
can orange


your littlest Pooh
stands in
as art

as the young man
stone and brick
cemented firmly

He is all the colors
you've sent out
from your eyes.

-A.P. Greco

Day 9 - late, as well

"To Youth and Liberty"

you--the boys and girls
you--the teenagers
you--the class

you--the blurred shapes before me

sometimes it is so hard to see the you
when the all of you

tear the skin from bone

-A.P. Greco

Day 8 - Late

"Upon My Sword"

when we fight
nail to a tooth
driving deeper and deeper

my jaw will twitch
and air will fill my ears

a fist to my sternum
your voice

but what i did to you
that is the sword
i continue to fall on

-A.P. Greco

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day 6

"I Am Bound to Hear"

a leather strap snapped
around the neck


metal links linked

that steel blade
we saw
window shopping

in black
flashes white



and it only sounds like pain
when screams screech

in pleasure

-A.P. Greco

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 5

"We Fools of Nature"

"what is this word? big-tree?"
yes something like that
and i should have just said

"the look on her face"
in shadows of fluorescent light
"in that moment when she truly

with this ring
yes i fucking wed

so that this kid's kid
can never see
what i see

in each twitch of a cheek
behind my back

sometimes it doesn't matter how much i love you or us or this or the sight of your nipple hiding behind skin so smooth i can never imagine kissing any one other that is not it this one and this one not one can even catch a single moment of time of another

meaning simply

your t.i.t. is i.t.

i dream of cigarettes
and corona
and miller lite

and i always catch myself
still into
a needle to pinch my skin so deep

red bleeds into blue

my heart skips
when i have too much coffee
and afterwards
i'll open my eyes
and never want
to let go
of the air you breathe

-A.P. Greco

Monday, April 4, 2011

Day 4

"Solid Flesh Would Melt"

the only reason why i was late
coming home to you

was the body of a man
under a blue tarp
on the on ramp to 95 S

and blood running over concrete
from under his exposed tattooed arm

(never once did i think
love and life
would mix like this)