Saturday, April 2, 2011

Day 2

"With Fear and Wonder"

her skin silked between sheets
the line of her spine

flip to the side
my other brain

always flashing

twitch right

please let your tongue find the sweat between my lips

twitch left

and leaves rough their way through a cracked window
to find dirt caked tile

sticking to a thousand sheets of paper
writing assignments without names
penned with red
marked with finger tips
greased with

twitch right

lost again in the brilliance of her hair
curls twisting between my finger tips
oiling the drying pours
as her breathing warms my ear

twitch left

"you a nigga fool"
through silver and gold
caked in salted grease
and they begin punching their fists at each other

in words
in words

"Come back to me."
I never know how long I've been gone
when she looks at me like that

with sex on her teeth
fear in her stare
and wonder in her tone

-A.P. Greco


  1. stunning the way you play with words.

    brilliant poetry.

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    Hope to see you in.