Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day Two, Listening to Vampire Weekend

I miss you. I do. Oh so very much right now.

My veins were so happy when I had you rushing through me.

It's day two day.

My veins are twisting and tightening.

I've been a thousand places today. The gym. The train station. Boy's Latin. 7-Eleven Bank Kiosk. Yahoo Mail. University of Phoenix online. ETS. The sunroom. The Baltimore City Teaching Residency website. Confirming my precense to the BCTR information session this evening.

Getting one of the little crying kittens inside the bedroom.

All the girls in the house at the moment are here with me: Goober, Gracie, and my Rukiebaby.

I'm the crazy cat lady. The crazy cat lady without her nicotine and sweet scent of tobacco.

Good thing is, my GRE scores are just high enough that I don't have to take the Praxis I exams. Nope... I only have to spend 400 dollars on Praxis II tests. Ok, I'm exaggerating. I'm only going to take two, which will be 180 bones, but fucking christ; why do I spend so much money on a test I will most likely do horribly on?

Side note: these cats are nuts. Gracie is staring at the wall with such inquisitive determination that I'm afraid she thinks she can somehow become one with it.

And my cat, Ruke, is an obssessive licker. She takes after her mommy quite well.

That's Ruke and me.

I was happy in this photo. I was an active smoker.

Ok... I'm done with the fucking rant bitching.

You want some poetry? Here's some poetry:

To Compose the Perfect Type of Poem at the Perfect Time in the Perfect Pace of Place

“all truth must conform to music” – Richard Hugo

she asks for words
that’ll show

no way to stray
no way to fall out


without the absence of solution

that beat
and beat

the muse changes, my dear
with every second spring

or fall
or winter
summer’s haze into words

medusa’s hair each strand a pair of eyes

needs words
words inside the muse that falls or fails
the internal
of me

the fingers that spit
the fingers that touch
in that space
only words know anything about

such is the beauty
as you know
of music

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