Thursday, February 4, 2010

Crash and Burn

I have cramps coming outta my ass.

Today is obviously not the day to fuck with me. I'm pissy and ragging. I'm exhausted.

Gaia was a bitch last night. Ruke cried and scratched at her cage.

Fucking animals.

The kittens got fixed yesterday. We didn't go to the gym this morning.

I smoked a cigarette. A nasty, two-month old Jack. BLAH!

It tasted like shit and made me feel even more like shit.

I have no idea what I'm going to do about this whole job thing. I really am trying to be the good Zen student, but right now my uterus is in control of my brain.

I've applied to both the Baltimore City Teaching Residency program and the PG County Teaching Fellows program. Both, if selected, train you to become a certified teacher for publich schools in MD. Both, if selected, put you in high-need schools. Both, if selected, require the Praxis II exam. Both, if selected, require a 5 1/2 week training program of 12 hour days during the summer.

If I did this, it would mean two things: a total career change commitment and missing out on the Roundtable Conference.

Yea... I don't think I'll follow through with this.

I've applied to a few other admin jobs at some colleges, but who fucking knows if any of those will work out.

Ruke has been up my crampy ass all morning.

She is a doll baby, though. Chip is still acting weird. Gracie is hiding somewhere downstairs. Hawk keeps sleeping on Mason's bed.

Ok. I'm done bitching.

I think.

For now.

Shower time then grocery shopping and other honey-do-list items.

I need a nap.

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