Sunday, January 31, 2010

The First Draft of the First Post


So, it didn't work.

I tried uploading a file of me reading the poem that is published at the link above.


I hate computers. I've heard this before...

Fucking hate em.

I just finished up reading a teen's book by Sherman Alexie. He's a cool dude. Way fucking talented in the poetry realm. He blows me outta the water. He's a Native American writer and totally needs to be given more props than he does. I hate it when the talent gets squashed by the shit that numb (notice, I didn't say dumb) people read.

It pisses me off.

Read Sherman Alexie.

If anything, read at least SOMETHING of his. The Business of Fancydancing is amazing if you like poetry. If you want to read a book, read The Indian Killer. Fucking isanely good.

On all fronts. Storytelling, theme, plot line, imagery, metaphor. Even the numb folks in the world can appreciate it.

Shit, if my previous students who read it thought it was amazing, anyone can read it. And they don't read. No. Correction. They didn't read until they had to be in my class. Now they'll never read a thing the same way again. Ha. Now they actually read.

Here's Alexie's site:


I'm trying to get some pictures up here of his books and Explorer is deciding not to work.

Anyway... that's a funny picture of the man himself.

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