Monday, May 17, 2010

New Poem - Composition


when the sun is orange and low
squinting into every inch of road
and a song’s notes
play their way past Monday’s wax
and down into a full chest

the scent of your eyes
in green mountain air
thuds and thuds and thuds

and i sing

and i write inside my fingers’ skin and i gotta get this down i gotta get it out

and i sing

and i sing to what could have never happened and i sing to the fear that if it didn’t and i sing to the memory of thinking i’d never touch your lips again and i sing to falling into your arms each night and i sing to “when can i kiss you again” and i sing to the day we breathed air as one

the first time

and i sing to every mile since then and i sing

and i sing
and i gotta get this down

down and out into the fleshy part
where no one else can see
where everyone will see

that part that makes us whole
again and again

that part where parts become particles and every solid square fits into a space
a space filled with

a place to sing
a place to stay

our memories
our constant

within and around and through and amongst and into
every note every stroke
of ink